Other Dances 1999-2004


Trio, 17 minutes

Choreography: S. E. Vencl
Music: A Rainbow in Curved Air, Terry Riley, l964
Lighting: Steven Petrilli
Costumes: Leslie Myers
Dancers, in order of appearance: Jane Kotapish and Christina Amendolia Emily Wassyng

Premiere 1999

In Time

Trio, 15 minutes

Choreography: S. E. Vencl
Music: Contrasts, Bela Bartok, 1939. Performed by Bela Bartok, Andre Szigeti, Benny Goodman
Lighting: Stephen Petrilli
Costumes: Leslie Myers
Dancers: Christina Amendolia, Emily Wassyng, Jane Kotapish

Premiere 2000


Sextet, 35 minutes

Choreography: S. E. Vencl and dancers
Music: Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, John Cage, 1949. Performed by Gerard Fremy
Lighting: Randy Glickman
Costumes: Jill Anderson

Dancers: Karen Johnson, Jane Kotapish, Meg Moore, Hope Plumb, Stefanie Smith, Emily Wassyng,
Autumn Joy Williams-Wusso

Supported in part by a generous grant from the Bossak/Heilbron Charitable Foundation

Premiere 2002


Trio, 10 minutes

Choreography: S. E. Vencl
Dancers:Stasia Blyskal, Jane Kotapish, Emily Wassyng
Music:  In die Tiefe der Zeit, Toshio Hosokawa, 1994.  Performed by Julius Berger, Violoncello, and Stefan Hussong, Akkordeon

Lighting: Randy Glickman
Costumes:Jill Anderson

Premiere 2000

Points of View Trilogy

Nine dancers, 45 minutes

I. Sides

Music:  Psappha, Iannis Xenakis
Dancers:Hope Davis, Rachel Frank, Jennifer Pike, Lydia Tetzlaff, Sandra Turner, Becka Vargus, Emily Wassyng, Jennifer Weddel, Claire Willey

II. 2 X 4

Music: Composed for the dance and performed in concert by Pete Drungle
Dancers: Rachel Frank, Sandra Turner, Emily Wassyng, Jennifer Weddel

III. Up Close

Music:Crippled Symmetry, Region 3, Morton Feldman, recorded in 1998.
Dancers:  Rachel Frank Jennifer Pike, Sandra Turner, Becka Vargus, Emily Wassyng, Claire Willey

Lighting:Randy Glickman
Costumes:Jennifer Brightbill

Supported in part by the Bossak-Heilbron Charitable Foundation

Premiere 2004