Alone, 1999

Trio, 17′
Choreography:  S.E. Vencl
Music: Maquizcoatl, Jose Navarro & Banda Elastica, Mexico City, l996
Lighting:  Steven Petrilli
Costumes:  Frances L. Kotapish

Dancers, in order of appearance: Jane Kotapish, Emily Wassyng, Christina Amendolia

Special thanks to Jim May and Marjorie Mussman.

Alone, the piece that brought Vencl Dance Trio together, was showcased first at Broome Corner Studio, January 23, 1998, then at University Settlement, April 1, 1998.

Premiere: January 28, 1999, University Settlement, New York City

Video by Valerie Green

Jane Kotapish

Emily Wassyng

Christina Amendolia

Jane Kotapish, Emily Wassyng, Christina Amendolia