Spring 2009

Changing Places

May 2009
Changing Places
Photo by Amanda Embry

April 2, 2009

We are still on schedule but Lindy has been sick for two days now.  And today we missed her more than ever  because we showed almost the whole piece to lighting designer Mike Riggs.  Monday evening Sydney Maresca agreed to  costume the dance  and as of this morning we have rights to the music.     The responsibility for the piece slips away from me and increasingly rests in the hands of others.  SEV

March 21, 2009

The working title for the new dance is CHANGING PLACES.  It is an abstract work for five women to Steve Reich’s Drumming.  The dance is a kaleidoscopic defining and redefining of space by means of  points, lines and planes.  Stillnesses and place-to-place movements join to generate configurations which dissolve into, overlap, and punctuate each other. At this time I have 12 minutes left to choreograph, 6 minutes  in the last section of the dance and 6 minutes in the first!  We MUST have a rough draft complete by the end of April.      SEV