Sara Roer got an early start dancing in Wilmington, North Carolina as the southern drawling star of a many a home video.  She later became the youngest member of the Wilmington Independent Choreographers and a competitive gymnast before defecting to the north to earn her B.F.A., suma cum laude, at George Mason University. After a colorful college run that took her to China and back, Sara headed north again for a new home on the busiest island in the world.   Since arriving in New York, she has found that all she needs to survive city life are Yoga and coffee.  Along with that life lesson, she has also had the pleasure of joining the administrative staff at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, working as the rehearsal director and dancing for danceTactics by Keith Thompson, dancing with b3w (Emily Berry), Heather McArdle/Blueprint Violation, Lori Belilove, and now Susan Vencl.  She has also become certified in Nuad Boran, traditional Thai Yoga Massage, for which she occasionally assists and/or teaches classes in addition to her own practice.