2016 Events


THURSDAY, 11/3, 8 PM

Tickets: $16 in advance, $20 at the door.

Vencl Dance will show the first 15 minutes of the quintet Long Before Afterward 52’, premiered in the Graham Studio February 2016.  I had to replace two dancers but all 7 are coming to rehearsals. Only 5 will dance. I created the piece for the Graham Studio (42 1/2′ wide x 51′ deep) and had to reconstruct it for the Triskelion Space (28′ wide X 42′ deep).  I changed Front in one section which means the audience will see that section from the side.   And I overlapped and restaged two solos.  That part also involves formerly two now three figures functioning architecturally.  We have been working since August 30th.  I finished the reconstruction weeks ago and in the following rehearsal ran with the music for the first time.  A perfect fit!!  So we are ahead of schedule.  14’20’’.

Come if you can…..

Susan Vencl

Email: svencl@rcn.com

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